Copying a tar tape to another tape

Andrew Kaplan
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Copying a tar tape to another tape

Hi there --

I created a tar backup to an LTO-4 tape. I would like to make a copy of that tape to a similar medium. To copy contents of the first tape to the second, would I use the tar, cp, or dd command?


The operating system is HP-UX 11i on a Model 9000/800/rp3440 PA-RISC system. If I go with tar, I have the 1.19 release of the gnutar available. 


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Patrick Wallek
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Re: Copying a tar tape to another tape

How many tape drives do you have?  If you only have 1 tape drive, you will be better off just running your tar command again.


If you  have a 2nd tape drive, dd would probably be best suited for the task.  'cp' definitely will not work.  I do not know if gtar will work to copy on tape to another.