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Cumulatinve replication for reporting environment ???

Henrique Silva_3
Regular Advisor

Cumulatinve replication for reporting environment ???

Hi guys.

My environment !!!

HPUX 11 64 bit
Oracle 64 bit

production server, reporting server on the same subnet

The reporting application we are looking at, for our production application, deals directly with the ERD of such application. So, the flat record, subset of a call that is usaully done for history servers which a reporting server would be getting info from model is out.

We need to replicate the production environment to the reporting box, AND, can not remove calls that are removed from the production environment on the reporting box, which means, I have to some how, turn off the replication part that deals with deletes on the production box that are replicated to the reporting box.

Data ( closed or cancelled calls ) will have a short life span on the production box, say 45 days, while it will last for as long as 2 years on the reporting box.

How can I setup replication on the production box to achieve this scenario, or will I have to setup triggers on every table for addition and modifications but not deletions manually instead ?

Any help will be appreciated.


Henrique Silva
"to be or not to be, what was the question ???? "
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: Cumulatinve replication for reporting environment ???


How about a trigger on inserts/updates (but not deletes) that performs a remote procedure update to the reporting server?

Using google, search on this string:

+oracle +remote +procedure +calls +trigger

live free or die
Live Free or Die
Henrique Silva_3
Regular Advisor

Re: Cumulatinve replication for reporting environment ???

Hi Harry.

That is my worse case scenario, as I mentioned on the original message at the end.

I am hoping that I can do that from within advanced replication without having to play with triggers on inderts/updates for all the teables owned by such schema ( about 300 ).

I will start looking at doing that on a test environment and see what I can find.


"to be or not to be, what was the question ???? "