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Cyrus SASL and Procmail

Berlene Herren
Honored Contributor

Cyrus SASL and Procmail

This is to inform you that we ship Cyrus SASL and Procmail on our Internet Express release.

Some other mail products included :

o Cyrus IMAP
o Pine

Support information

HP-UX Internet Express Non-OE Open Source components
shipped with the HP-UX Internet Express Media and available
for download as part of HP-UX Internet Express on are not covered under HP-UX support
contracts. HP is not responsible for the ported defects
from the Open Source communities. However, HP will report
the defects to the related Open Source community and
incorporate the appropriate defect repairs for each new release.

To report a defect in any HP-UX Internet Express Non-OE Open
Source component, you are required to fill out a registration
form in order to receive an HP acknowledgement with an email
address for sending your defect report. You need to fill out
the registration form only once; retain the email address you
receive to report any further defects in HP-UX Internet Express

See the previous link for more details.