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D-Link DP-100 Server / HP Problem

Pete Dent
Occasional Visitor

D-Link DP-100 Server / HP Problem


I have two computers on a peer to peer network and a d-link dp-100 print server.

Print server has 2 printers on its parallel ports, a DJ1220C and a LJ1100.

The Deskjet will print a test print (sometimes) but not any more than that without error messages (printer no longer available on network etc) appearing and lots of lights flashing.

Have reinstalled Dlink, and printer several times to no avail.

Have connected printer directly to my computer parallel port and it works fine (ie cable okay and software okay).

Please can you advise (in lain english if possible!)

Thank you
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: D-Link DP-100 Server / HP Problem


I suggest you go to the following page and download the latest client drivers for the DP-100 (click on appropriate yellow check mark) and retry:

If that doesn't work, call D-Link support at the number indicated at the top right of linked page.

Good luck!

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