DAT 40 and SCSI Generic

Ryland Bingham
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DAT 40 and SCSI Generic

I'm running redhat 7.3. We just purchased the DAT40 drive. It's connected to a Adaptec 2940uw. The scsi tape driver (/dev/st) seems to work fine, but I have a couple applications that use the SCSI generic driver (/dev/sg)and they fail.

When I ran the linux command "tapeinfo -f /dev/sg4 (this is the 4th device that shows up in /proc/scsi/scsi), The script just hangs. For all other SCSI devices, I get very nice output for this command, but the dat drive is a trouble maker.

I've got an inkling that I might need to change the jumpers. Anybody run into this? Anybody have docs on exactly what the jumpers do?


Steven E. Protter
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Re: DAT 40 and SCSI Generic

Sounds like maybe there SCSI ID on the tapedrive needs to be set properly. Refer to that manual.

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Ryland Bingham
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Re: DAT 40 and SCSI Generic

The SCSI ID is fine, it's the only device on the card. In fact I can do backup and restore to /dev/st0.

It is the scsi generic device that is not working. Can some one tell me that this device is compatible or not compatible with SCSI generic?
Stuart Browne
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Re: DAT 40 and SCSI Generic

I'm picking it's because the 'st' module ahs it's claws in it.

do this:

rmmod st
rmmod sg
tapeinfo -f /dev/sg4

And see what you get. I don't get hangs, but prior to removing 'st', I got failed responses.
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