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DISPLAY problems

Brian Atkins

DISPLAY problems

I am using Power Term Pro (similar to Exceed) on an PC workstation to connect to an N class server. When I attempt to run GUI applications (i.e. SAM, etc.), I receive the error:
xhost: unable to open display
I have set my DISPLAY to the IP of my workstation and tried to run xhost +, but xhost + returns the same error.
I have been able to do this from a B class CDE workstation and a PC workstation running Exceed.
I would like to use Power Term because of the CDE-like features, but I've tried everything I know and still can't run GUIs from this terminal.
I researched other issues concerning DISPLAY, but they were all regarding NNM or CDE, which doesn't appear to apply to my situation.
Rick Garland
Honored Contributor

Re: DISPLAY problems

Run the xhost + on the local machine, the machine that has the app you want to use.

The set the display on the remote side and go.
Honored Contributor

Re: DISPLAY problems


Please verify that the xserver is running on your PC by telnetting to port 6000 (xwindows) it is possible that it is not running the xserver and so there is nothing for the N class x client to connect to:

telnet yourpc 6000
(you should be able to type a couple of characters before it closes the connection)
nothing wrong with me that a few lines of code cannot fix!
Dan Hetzel
Honored Contributor

Re: DISPLAY problems

Hi Brian,

First of all, make sure that your HP box knows your PC name.
nslookup your_pc_name
ping your_pc_name

if both work OK, set your DISPLAY variable to 'your_pc_name:0'

'xhost +' is only necessary if your workstation is a unix box, it's not needed by a X11 emulator like Exceed. Its purpose is to authorise a remote host to 'talk' to the local X11 Server.

Best regards,


Everybody knows at least one thing worth sharing --
Shannon Petry
Honored Contributor

Re: DISPLAY problems

xhost + is an X11 command, not UNIX command. the xhost must be supported on the PC Xhost. WRQ supports this, but exceed last I used it did not. I cut the crap, and now use linux for most of my admin tasks as the true X server works all of the time!
I used to have to tell exceed to run the command on the remote host to have the display thrown back to the PC, or use XDMP to grab X:1 from the UNIX box. This may be the case with your app.

From the UNIX side, all you ever need to do is set the DISPLAY variable. I.E.
>export DISPLAY=
#safest to use the PC's IP than hostname because windows can not resolve itself most of the time.
If the DISPLAY is not correct, or has no access then GUI commands will fail. Contact the vendor of the Winblows app to find out how to open the Xdisplay on the PC.

Microsoft. When do you want a virus today?
Brian Atkins

Re: DISPLAY problems

Thanks for all of the good advice. Unfortunately, Shannon, I am limited to using NT as a connection device, besides working from the console. In addition, I do not have administrative privledges over the NT side, therefore, having to grovel to some NT Admin for permission to accept a connection from a remote host is often like asking for the Holy Grail itself. By the way, do I sense some general disparity over Microsoft products?
All of you gave good advice, but it boils down to privledeges being locked down on the NT side. So much for trying to stay productive...
Alex Glennie
Honored Contributor

Re: DISPLAY problems

How is this Power Term Pro similar to Exceed, if it does not create a bitmapped display ie an Xsession locally on the PC then it will not be able to open a DISPLAY on the PC just from a terminal session.

Does PTP contain any log files ?

On the nclass do you have dtlogin running or simiar X or window manager processes ?

More detail required on your setup .....

FYI : If you have access to a bitmapped display/ Xsession on the PC =>

1. telnet to N class
2. export DISPLAY=N class_ip:0.0
3. run xhost+
4. export DISPLAY=pc_ip:0.0
5. run sam, xclock (-displayname) etc .... ? Results ?

Also be aware of X user based authentication, i don't think relevant yet as you can't even open the display net alone get access to it.

Check nslookup between PC's and N-class is working correctly ... good luck