Re: DL165G7 + SmartArray P212 + 4x2TB HD drives

Andrii Petrenko
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DL165G7 + SmartArray P212 + 4x2TB HD drives

Hello All,

I have a problem to install centos 5.5 to more that 2T disk array (3.7T in my case). When I try to install, I get error:

The following errors occurred with your partitioning: Your boot partition is on a disk using the GPT partitioning scheme but this machine cannot boot using GPT. This can happen if there is not enough space on your hard drive(s) for the installation.

After that installation stopped. I have GPT EFI+ partition table on the disk.

My question are:

1. Can i install CentOs to the Volume more than 2T.
2. How can I boot Server from GPT/EFI partition (BIOS update?).
Reiner  Rottmann
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Re: DL165G7 + SmartArray P212 + 4x2TB HD drives

There is a Red Hat knowledgebase entry for this:

"Boot disks must use the DOS MBR-style partition table and cannot exceed 2.2TB if the full disk is to be utilized. Disks which exceed 2.2TB can be partitioned with the MBR-style partition table but this will limit their capacity to 2.2TB."

So basically you may limit the volume and get rid of the GPT EFI+.

If you wait for RHEL 6 / CentOS 6 you may also boot from GPT EFI+ in case your mainboard uses UEFI instead of BIOS. Version 5 does not seem to support it according to the KB entry.
Andrii Petrenko
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Re: DL165G7 + SmartArray P212 + 4x2TB HD drives

Thank you!
Will waiting until HP prepare UEFI boot for low cost server.