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DL320 G6 - How to install RAID driver on RHEL 5

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Fai Wong
Occasional Visitor

DL320 G6 - How to install RAID driver on RHEL 5

This is my first time to install a HP server, and there are some problems that i have no clues on it..

I have two 160GB HDs and i built a RAID 1+0 from the RAID utility (??suppose this is RAID1? RAID1+0 should have at least 4 HDs..? *confuse*) Anyway, i could only see RAID1+0 / RAID0 in the options..

Then i went for this choice and started my OS installation. But the RHEL5 could only detect 2 seperate 160GB HDs..

I tried to use the SmartStart, but no luck in the case as it has not Linux options in the OS selection menu. I used to install the PSP 8.25 also, but i stuck on the SATA RAID driver installation.

Anyone could please point out where is the problem? Or are there any installation instructions for getting SATA RAID work on linux platform?

Fai Wong
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL320 G6 - How to install RAID driver on RHEL 5

Ok now, i downloaded the driver disk which contains the "dd" file and throughout the installations everythings normal. The 2 drives LEDs blinked as they should be.

But on the first reboot, one of the drive got a "pink" color lighted up and both of them did not blink concurrently. I found there is only one of them working while another one does not.

Afterwards i am going to install the storage controller driver, but it keeps on telling me the /etc/lilo.conf cannot be found. What should i do now?

Could anybody please help?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: DL320 G6 - How to install RAID driver on RHEL 5


You have to wait for the software from HP or:

1) Use the servers built in hardware capabilities at the console or advanced iLo console.
2) Use a version of RHEL that supports G6 severs. Only RHEL update 3 does have this support.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Jimmy Vance

Re: DL320 G6 - How to install RAID driver on RHEL 5

You need the Driver Diskette for HP Smart Array B110i SATA RAID Controller. It's listed for the 320 G6 for both x86 and x86_64.



I'm pretty sure this controller is a software based RAID controller. The actual RAID function is controlled by the driver.

Unlike the hardware based HP Smart Array controllers which has an open source driver. This controlelr is a binary only driver which could keep you from doing a kernel update until a new driver is posted.

Others and myself normally suggest that with these types of controllers to leave the RAID function off, and set the disks up as individual disks. Use the Software mirroring built into the OS, you'll end up with less frustration in the end.

Either that are put disable that controller and install one of the hardware based Smart Array controllers.

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Fai Wong
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL320 G6 - How to install RAID driver on RHEL 5

Hello Jimmy,

Thanks much for the reply, you exactly got what i mean. The thing that i am frustrating would be the RAID Controller.

I think i need to communicate with my vendor to confirm if this is the RAID Controller that i am looking for.

Otherwise, i may implement the software RAID instead.
Tim Boothby
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL320 G6 - How to install RAID driver on RHEL 5

I share your frustration having just run into the same issue. If a server is advertised as RAID it should have hardware raid. Even cheap consumer grade motherboards have SATA RAID these days. I know it's a cheap server, but I'd expect better from HP.