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Re: DL380 G5 won't install linux 64bit

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DL380 G5 won't install linux 64bit

Hello, I'm trying since two days to get linux working on that server. I already flashed the bios and the firmware for the Smart Array P400 to the newest versions, config the bios and the logical drives, but the server hangs always when it tries to load the kernelimage (without error message). I've tried it with debian 4.0 in several ways (network install cd IA64, PXE-install, multiarch cd) and SLES 10 SP1 IA64 DVD, but always the same.
With CD/DVD it hangs directly after "try boot from cd". When it boots with PXE I can see in the logs that it tries to get the kernelimage, but than nothing is happen anymore.

32bit linux seems to work, I can start the Ubuntu7.04 CD.

Any idear?
Many Thanks

DL380 G5 with 2 Intel Xeon 5160 @3000MHz
SmartArray P400 with 6 146GB discs
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Re: DL380 G5 won't install linux 64bit


You are trying the wrong type of kernel image:
IA64 is for Itanium processors(it is a completely different 64bit architecture).

You should try : SLES-10-AMD64-EM64T

Good luck
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Re: DL380 G5 won't install linux 64bit

oh dam.... yeah you're right, I'm so stupid ;-)