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DL585 and QLogic F/C Cards

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Phil Daws_5
Occasional Advisor

DL585 and QLogic F/C Cards


we have a DL585 that contains 2 x QLA2340 F/C cards. These are QLogic and not HP badged ones.

On the DL585 drivers download site there is a driver for QLogic F/C which I am using at the moment.

Should we use this one or the one direct from QLogic ?

Honored Contributor

Re: DL585 and QLogic F/C Cards


What you have done is correct since HP has drivers for the products they have tested with this kind of box, not that the other driver would not work & but it is always recommended to go with what HP has tested.


Ross Minkov
Esteemed Contributor

Re: DL585 and QLogic F/C Cards

I'd use the one that HP provides on It's tested and known to work with that ProLiant server model.

Rei Enoveso

Re: DL585 and QLogic F/C Cards

Where are the drivers? I searched the site but can't find it. Thanks.
Ross Minkov
Esteemed Contributor

Re: DL585 and QLogic F/C Cards

The best thing to do is to install the latest PSP for Linux. It will all of the correct drivers and agents.

ProLiant Support Packs (PSPs) represent operating system specific bundles of ProLiant optimized drivers, utilities, and management agents. These bundles of software are tested together to insure proper installation and functionality. Each PSP consists of a deployment utility, setup and software maintenance tools designed to provide an efficient way to manage routine software maintenance tasks. These deployment utilities remotely deploy driver and management agent updates to network attached servers. PSPs provide customers with a ProLiant system software baseline that has already been tested and verified by HP.

Part of the PSP for Linux is the hp Server Management Drivers and Agents (hpasm -- stands for hp Advanced System Management) package. hpasm is a collection of driver and tools which enable monitoring of fans, power supplies, temperature and other management events. This package includes the basic server support. ProLiant Servers are equipped with hardware and firmware to monitor certain abnormal conditions such as abnormal temperature readings, fan failures, ECC memory errors, etc. The Management Drivers and Agents monitor these conditions and notify the system administrator of abnormal conditions.

For more information visit the PSP website at