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DSN on HP-UX 11iV2 with Oracle10G

Super Advisor

DSN on HP-UX 11iV2 with Oracle10G


We are trying to get one of our applications to communicate with an Oracle 10G database on the same Itanium server running HP-UX. We used to use link libraries under PA-RISC servers but the link libraries have not been ported to Itanium based servers for the program language we use (there are plans for these link libraries to be ported but the company who do this langauge have said that it is going to take some time). The solution we have been given is to use DSN on the server.

I have checked through the ITRC and cannot find anything about setting up DSN under HP-UX.

Has anyone had any experience of setting up DSN under HP-UX, if so, can you point me in the right direction or possibly give me examples of DSN files.

Many thanks, Graeme.

Re: DSN on HP-UX 11iV2 with Oracle10G

A DSN manager is required and an ODBC compatible database. Two DSN managers are unixODBC and iODBC. unixODBC is an open source ODBC manager that has a command line tool called isql that can be used to manually modify data on the server.

hope this helps