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DTC Manager

Andy Dzimira
Occasional Contributor

DTC Manager

Hi All,
I have two HPUX servers running, a D230 and a rp2405. The D230 is running DTC Manager. The second server is new and I want to configure DTC Manager on that one as well. Can DTC Manager be running on two servers at once? Will it screw something up on the original server? I plan on making the rp2450 the production server to replace the D230 but I have people using the D230 currently. I don't want to kill the DTC's on the D230 now....just trying to set up the new one.
Rodney Hills
Honored Contributor

Re: DTC Manager

Each DTC can only be managed by one Host.

You can run DTC manager on both systems, but once a DTC is configured on 1 system, it is owned by that system.

If you are moving then you could go ahead and install DTC manager on the new system. When the cut over time comes delete the DTC configs on the old system and recreate on the new.

Theoretically if you are running the same versions of HPUX and DTC manager you could copy the data from the old host to the new.

I've used DTCLIST to get my current DTC configurations, then generate scripts that can recreate all my DTCs. This made it much easier to migrate to new host systems.


-- Rod Hills
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