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DVD -R recording under linux

Occasional Contributor

DVD -R recording under linux

I have attached and been able to write to a DVD -R using growisofs.
I am able to write over and over onto the media but I want to go a step further and be able to open up a session which I will not close untill I decide. I am trying something like this where i will be able to write to mytest (below) at will.

tail -f mytest |growisofs -M /dev/cdrom=/dev/fd/0

I can write session by session with
growisofs -Z /dev/cdrom -R -j /myfiles
growisofs -M /dev/cdrom -R -j /myfiles1

but this is not what i want to do.

Any ideas.

Tyson Edwards
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Re: DVD -R recording under linux

I have seen that under linux, if I wish to record a DVD, I need to execute the program with root level privledges, due to the need for increased transfer speeds from hard disk to DVD Recorder, as well as providing for direct hardware level access.

Perhaps this is your problem...
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Re: DVD -R recording under linux

I am doing this with root privilage. the problem is that I can not gracefully end this due to the tail -f session. It will write even if there is no data comming in and if i halt it with ctrl C, the DVD media becomes unusable (at least it complains that the filesystem is unknow).