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Data Recovery in Oracle

Jim Rogers_1
Occasional Contributor

Data Recovery in Oracle

I have a user who deleted records from a table two weeks ago and now needs them back. How can I recover these?

I am running Oracle 8.06.
Thierry Poels_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Data Recovery in Oracle


kind of difficult to answer in just a few lines, not?

- first, do you have a backup of two weeks ago? ;)
- if you have an export of the concerning table, you could import the table to another user, and copy the missing records to the production table
- without an export you can perhaps restore the database to another location and copy the missing records to the production database (database link or export/import)
-- if it's a large database, you could perhaps restore just part of the database : redo, temp, rollback, system and tablespace containing the table, and put all missing tablespace offline before opening the database.
- if you really have no space for duplicating (part of) the database: backup current database, restore old backup, export (part of) table, restore last backup, import missing records.

anyhow, watch your steps ;-)
good luck,
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Andreas D. Skjervold
Honored Contributor

Re: Data Recovery in Oracle


This is the reason for running exports in parallell with a backup.

Without a export from before the deletion time You'll need to make the painstakingly effort of:
-Backup your database
-Restore the database to Point In Time just previuos to the deletion time.
-Export the table in question.
-Restore the original database.
-Import the missing table into a temoprary schema.
-Select the rows in question for insert into the original table.

I belive Oracle9i comes with a new utility "Log Miner" that can be used for backtracking thru the redologs and possibly reconstruct the disasterous sql, but I realy have no knowledge of its functions.


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Krishna Prasad
Trusted Contributor

Re: Data Recovery in Oracle

If you have a another machine you can do the restore on.

You could restore the database in that environment then extract the data and add it to the production server.

Just an idea
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