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Data populated for PowerCli / VIM

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Data populated for PowerCli / VIM

Can someone in HP tell me why certain fields are not populated in the same way as Dell and IBM ...

For example a lot of emphasis is being placed on using the PowerCli (VMware Cmdlets for Powershell) to query and effect config changes in vmware.

One of the areas you should be able to query in PowerCli/VMware is Hardware.SystemInfo where things such as Serial Number, Asset Number, BIOS revision are populated and are easily reportable.

Most users seem able to pull back information for Dell and IBM but not HP ...

See this link to a vmware forum on the subject -

As you can see HP are populating the serial number somewhere in the Linux console as it can be retrieved using esxcfg-info.

It would be really good to get this standard across all vendors for scripts to be useable across the board.

Thanks in advance.

Matt Roblin