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Deadlock deamon

Paula J Frazer-Campbell
Honored Contributor

Deadlock deamon


I am running universe 9.4.1.I on my test server at present and when trying to start the uvdlockd I get :-

"Unable to locate Universe user data area in kernal"

When applying a pseudo user loading in excess of 200 users I end up with 10,000 plus processes which locks the server, this I believe is due to the deadlock deamon not clearing down.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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Maureen Gunkel
Trusted Contributor

Re: Deadlock deamon

I don't know if this is even close, but I had a similar problem with an application utilizing Java. It would spawn processes indiscriminately until all the memory, resources, etc. were 'eaten up' and the system brought to it's knees! Anyway, it was a couple of settings in the application's configuration file - specifically MAX_PROCESSES, MAX_THREADS, and RETIRE_TIMEOUT.
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Honored Contributor

Re: Deadlock deamon

I cant help, but may I suggest you to try Universe 9.5.1?
I had some similar behaviour between 2 versions of JDK...
And try to allocate more procs per user (change the value of nprocs...)

Good luck
Best regards