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Debian Sarge on Proliant DL 320

Mariani Alberto
Frequent Advisor

Debian Sarge on Proliant DL 320

Hello everyone!

I'm evaluating the possibility to install a new Proliant DL 320 with Linux to serve as a firewall and IDS system.
My distribution of choice would be Debian Sarge, and i would like to know if anyone already tried that. Is there anything strange/speciat/tricky i have to do in order to obtain a fully working system (i read some bad things about controlling the unusual hardware devices such as the cooling fans...) ?

Thank you all,


Johannes Krackowizer_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Debian Sarge on Proliant DL 320

hi mariani,

there should be no problem by installing debian sarge. but if you want to install some hp features like fan controll, hpasm, ... you will need to change there installscript so that the os check will be ignored or your system should be known by the script. but there is also no warranty that all sources will be compiled without error, yust try it.

best regards,

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Re: Debian Sarge on Proliant DL 320

Hey Mariani,

Have you gotten any further? I'm asking you because I just have received a DL360G3 and ML370G3, on wich I will most likely be installing Debian Sarge. (and will try the script at

If you have any further experiences (good or bad), please share with us.

Mariani Alberto
Frequent Advisor

Re: Debian Sarge on Proliant DL 320

Unfortunately, that machine never got after the planning stage. It had been evaluated as an alternative solution to firewall and IDS implemented as appliances.

I asked about the dl320 because i had to gather information beforehand, but since the other solution is the one we will go for (mainly because i cannot guarantee the same reliability of the interaction between firewall and IDS with available open source solutions, and there are some management issues as well - my colleague is confortable with windows guis but not with editing text config files), i haven't looked into this question anymore.

Anyway, thank you everyone for your replies.

Alberto M.