Debian / Ubuntu on LH4 with NetRaid 3 card

Stephen Barratt
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Debian / Ubuntu on LH4 with NetRaid 3 card

Please can anyone help me install Debian or Ubuntu on an LH4? It has the original onboard NetRaid 1 controller, which has been disabled in bios, and a PCI NetRaid 3 controller. This controller is set to "Mass Storage" emulation, rather than "I2O", and with this setting I have been able to install Suse 9.3 using the "noapic nolapic" options. I can also run a live Ubuntu 5.10 CD.

However, neither Debian (Sarge) nor Ubuntu 5.04 or 5.10 will install - they both fail to recognise any drives.

Does anyone have any experience of this problem? Thank you in advance for your reply.

Stuart Browne
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Re: Debian / Ubuntu on LH4 with NetRaid 3 card

The short and sweet of it is you need to get Debian's version of the 'megaraid' driver installed for it to be seen and work.

That being said, I've never tried installing Debian on any megaraid basied machines.

... but atleast you know what you need to look for now .. ;)
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