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Devfs can't start in hpux 11i v3

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Devfs can't start in hpux 11i v3



i have installed 11.31 on my server, I wanted to mount portable DVD . So i tried to start Devfs . But showing below  and can't start devfs . please advise. thanks.


# devfs start

sh: devfs:  not found.


#swlist -l bundle | grep -i usb

  USB-00                D.11.31.0909   Transition USB-00 Product


# swlist -l product | grep -i devfs

  DEVFS                 D.11.31.0909   Transition of obsolete product



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Re: Devfs can't start in hpux 11i v3

Did you try the fullpath? where is it installed?


check permissions as well. many items when imported or installed dont have the execute bit set.

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Re: Devfs can't start in hpux 11i v3

HI Todd


Thanks for fast reply. In order to run devfs with full path , i can't find full path.  For devfs , Do i need to install any bundle ? Because my current one is new OE. Please advise. Thanks.


# whereis devfs


# find ./ -name devfs


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Re: Devfs can't start in hpux 11i v3

The USB support for HP-UX 11i v3 changed significantly in March 2009 release. Your swinstall output indicates that your USB subsystem is of September 2009 release. Are you perhaps following some instructions that were made for releases earlier than March 2009, and are now obsolete for the current release level of your system?


According to this document, the USB-00 product included in March 2009 release (= version D) is empty, and only depends on the newer USB-02 patch:


The swlist descriptions for USB-00 and DEVFS ("Transition USB-00 product" and "Transition of obsolete product", respectively) seem to indicate that the separate DEVFS product is also obsoleted along with USB-00. This makes sense, because according to the document (linked above) the USB support in 11i v3 is no longer a separate product, but a part of the HP-UX core functionality.


I could not quickly find any good instructions for the USB-02 version of USB support, but I think it might no longer be necessary to manually start devfs: in 11iv3 releases later than March 2009, it might be started automatically at system boot.


Try ignoring the devfs step in your procedure, and see if you can see the USB device in the ioscan listing. If you can see it, you can probably use it.

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Re: devfs can't start in HP-UX 11.31

>In order to run devfs with full path, I can't find full path.


You could try searching your SD product for files:

swlist -l file DEVFS | grep devfs