Disk Mirror if PSP is not Installed

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Disk Mirror if PSP is not Installed

I have installed Centos5 on a DL360G4p. I have not yet installed the PSP. The server seems to be working just fine and recognizes the compaq array. The array just has two drives which are mirrored. There are no anticipated changes. If I lose a drive and don't have the PSP loaded, will a new drive remirror automatically once it's inserted? If not, will it remirror automatically if I replace the drive and restart the machine? I'd like to keep the original software from the distribution intact and not install the PSP if I can.
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Re: Disk Mirror if PSP is not Installed


Yes the drive will remirror automatically when inserted. That's a function of the hardware rather than something controlled by the Support Pack.

It's quite common for the PSP not be installed on Linux machines, although you may find that HP Support will want you to install it should you need to log a fault call...