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Display problem

prateek sharma_1
Occasional Advisor

Display problem

Hi, I am getting a display problem in my Linux system.

I am running Redhat - EL, I get large icons displayed on my desktop, when i open any application the sides and bottom of that application's window is never visible.

I don't get the full display. any thing that is written on the border side of the application's window is not visible.

Plz help
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Display problem


This is probably from bad display settings.

From the console or ssh -X

system-config-display --reconfig

Choose normal settings and all will be well.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Honored Contributor

Re: Display problem

Your desktop may be in "scrolling virtual desktop" mode.

Push your mouse cursor against the side or bottom of the screen: the display may scroll to reveal the missing parts of the window. This happens when you have selected more than one display mode during the installation and haven't selected the largest resolution as the default: the virtual desktop is as large as the largest resolution selected, but you can view it only through a default-resolution-sized "window".

If so, try holding down Ctrl and Alt and pressing the + key on the numeric keypad: this should change the display resolution, allowing you to see more of the display. There may be several modes available: press the above-mentioned key combination again until you see as much of the desktop as possible (preferably, the whole desktop).

Then use the desktop configuration tools to make the new configuration permanent. If you have selected any display resolutions your display device can't handle, disable those completely. Make the largest working resolution the default one. If unsure, select only the display resolution you wish to use: this should automatically disable the "scrolling virtual desktop" mode.

After making the changes, log out and press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace: this will restart the X server with the new default settings.