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Dll file needed

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Dll file needed

I have a Compaq Presario 4860 with a FX700 monitor and after upgrade from 98 to 2000 Pro I get an error saying I need:CPQBZL.DLL that is outdated or missing.It is missing and I can't find it anywhere even on the QuickRestore
disk.This file is needed to have access to bezel buttons on tower and monitor.Thank you
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Re: Dll file needed

Hi, John,

Any drivers for the unit would be located here -〈=en&cc=us

For the monitor here -〈=en&cc=us

Located file here for the monitor but not tested on 2000, XP or ME.

Support doc on units shipped with original OS of 95/98 then upgraded to 2000 which caused issues with certain hardware components (i.e. modem) - recommendation is to replace the component.