Download Red Hat EL 5.5

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Download Red Hat EL 5.5



I need to install Red Hat EL 5.5 to a number BL460c G7 blades and need access to the Red Hat Network (or some other source) to download the RHEL 5.5 64-bit ISO and install Linux from scratch.

The servers came with RHEL 6 pre-installed but I need 5.5 due to application requirements.




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Re: Download Red Hat EL 5.5

If you have a valid RedHat support subscription (which is sometimes also called a 'license'), you should be able to access RedHat Customer Portal (also known as RedHat Network).


If you have even a single valid subscription on your RedHat account, you should be able to access the ISO download page:

(RedHat login required, of course).


If you don't have a RedHat account, go to this address and create one:


If your servers included a legitimately purchased RHEL 6 subscription with them, you should register them with RedHat to get access to ISO downloads, update services and other support resources. If the servers are already registered, find out who did it and ask him/her to add you as a secondary user to the RedHat account. (If this is not possible, you should contact RedHat support, explain the situation and ask for help. With proper proof of subscription ownership, it would be possible to transfer the already-registered subscriptions to your account if the original account is lost, for example.)