Dual Booting HP 734N

Patrick Maloney
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Dual Booting HP 734N

I just bought this box and will be using Partition Magic 7 to carve out 40 gigs to be used for Red Hat 8.

This system did not ship with any rescue disks, and from what I understand, if I get the disks from HP and need to use them to restore Win XP they will format my entire drive....resulting in total loss of things linux on this box.

Is there a way to create custom restore disks from the data on the "hidden" partition, so that if used, they will only touch the NTFS portion of my drive?

Is there something else I might be missing?

Any tips would be apreciated.


Jerome Henry
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Re: Dual Booting HP 734N

Hi !
What I do in this case is use a drive image or ghost to get a working copy of my partition size and configuration (XP) just in case...
Then, in case of probl, I use this to restore my windows (the linux part remains unchanged).
Then I boot on linux rescue mode with linux CD, and re-write lilo of grub (/sbin/lilo, or grub-install /dev/hda) to re-write the loader in the mbr.
Hope it helps.
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Mark Helotie
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Re: Dual Booting HP 734N

HP provides a built-in utility to do a ONE-TIME burn of the Recovery CDs. (Mine took 8 CDRs to finish the job.)

Under "hp pavilion pc tools", click the link called "hp pc recovery cd creator" (all lower case)
This shortcut gets you to the program "C:\WINDOWS\CREATOR\CD Creator.exe".

These CDs can create a FULL wipe, or a selective recovery (per app, if needed).

Hope that helps,
Mark :)
[a new 734n owner too]