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ECP Printer Port active

Timo Peltonen
Occasional Visitor

ECP Printer Port active

I have
HP Omnibook 510 with docking station
Microsoft XP
Microsoft XP Office

When I want to undock the computer following pop-up
appears: "You can not eject your computer because one of
the devices in the docking station, 'ECP Printer Port
(LPT1)', cannot be stobbed because a program is still
accessing it."

What to do? How can I check which program is accessing
the printer port? Adding new programs has maybe caused
the problem but I do not know when. I would not like to
restore my computer and "loose" many important programs.

Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: ECP Printer Port active


Just FYI, here's a link to the latest BIOS, drivers, etc. for your computer:

If you haven't already installed WINXP SP1 and Office XP SP2, they're available here:;[LN];sp&

Other than that, I can't find anything specific to your problem. I would go into printers and open any printers and see if there might be a print job stuck somewhere and delete it (them).

Good luck!

Make a great day!