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EMC Symmtrix Direct attached

EMC Symmtrix Direct attached

Have a EMC SYmmtrix array directly attached to a server running 11.00 via an HBA card.
I was trying to find a method of determining when the FS's ( created from the array) were last accessed on this server.

I have no access to the Symmetrix itself so I need to check from the server end.
Is there a way to do this ?
Ganesan R
Honored Contributor

Re: EMC Symmtrix Direct attached


FS's --> Do you mean filesystems?

Why don't you import the disks/VG if you have the map file or knows vg details?
Best wishes,

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: EMC Symmtrix Direct attached

The Symmetrix won't tell you anything useful concerning data access. The concept of accessing data is a host concept. But are you asking when the filesystems were last mounted, last read or last written?

About the only thing you can check is when directories or files have been changed. You'll have to vgimport the volume group(s), then mount the filesystems. Use the command:

ll -art /mountpoint

to show the most recent changes at the bottom of the list.

There is no way to look at the timestamps if you can't import the volumes. Data is just data on the disks. There is no timestamp for each block of data.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin