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EMS Event Notification "CRITICAL (5)"

Regular Advisor

EMS Event Notification "CRITICAL (5)"

I am getting the EMS notification in the syslog.log as a crital .. pls find the attached txt of the logs and errors.

I checked the hardware path and device status as per the EMS notification the status of the device is
ext_bus 117 0/12/0/ fcpdev CLAIMED INTERFACE FCP Device Interface
target 67 0/12/0/ tgt CLAIMED DEVICE
ctl 15 0/12/0/ sctl CLAIMED DEVICE IBM 2145
fcp 4 0/12/0/0.108 fcp NO_HW INTERFACE FCP Domain
fcp 8 0/12/0/0.125 fcp CLAIMED INTERFACE FCP Domain

Pls help me out to fix this..
R.K. #
Honored Contributor

Re: EMS Event Notification "CRITICAL (5)"


lbolt error signify hardware error.
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R.K. #
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Re: EMS Event Notification "CRITICAL (5)"

Is there any disk with name c102t4d1 ??
If yes, whats is the status ?
Don't fix what ain't broke
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: EMS Event Notification "CRITICAL (5)"


Adapter at hardware path 0/12/0/0 : Unable to open previously opened

Description of Error:

lbolt value: 2066411522

Unable to access previously accessed target
nport ID = 0x660b13

Probable Cause / Recommended Action:

An attempt to re-open a device which had been opened earlier
has failed.
There should be additional logging messages which will
allow diagnosis of the problem.

This is an HBA (* host bus adaptor *) at hardware address 0/12/0/0 and nport 0x660b13.


ioscan -H 0/12/0/0 to get the device, ie, /dev/fc##.


fcmsutil /dev/fc## to get the state.


runutil logtool

To see how many errors are being recorded and paste in the report including the start end end times.

LBOLTS can usually be ignored unless the number of errors is really high. The logtool report will tell you this.

See what is attached to this device, ie, tape drive or disk array. IF tape drive then this is typical.
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