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ENV Setting For PRO*C

Occasional Contributor

ENV Setting For PRO*C

I am having oracle 8.1.7 and developer 6i installed different Oracle_Home. When i am execting Pro*C programe with ORACLE_HOME for oracle 8.1.7 it is running OK, But when i am changing my ORACLE_HOME to Developer 6i pro*c programe is giving memory fault.
Does any one know what could be the problem?

thanks in advance.

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Tony Smith_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: ENV Setting For PRO*C

This may be related to how the PRO-C connects to the instance.

Oracle uses the value of ORACLE_HOME as part of the definition for the shared memory for the instance. For your application to connect to the correct instance via IPC the ORACLE_HOME must be the same as the ORACLE_HOME defined in oratab for the ORACLE instance. The wrong value is likely to be causing the core dump.

Alternatively you could change program to connect via network by including the tnsnames alias as part of the connect string within the application. This should then make it independent of the ORACLE_HOME.