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Email configuration on HP-ux

Regular Advisor

Email configuration on HP-ux

Which files I need to modify and with what or which parameters on HP-ux v11, to send email to other user on bound of exchange server?
i.e. root notifyme via send email with any alert happened on system.
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Sridhar Bhaskarla
Honored Contributor

Re: Email configuration on HP-ux


First, make sure that sendmail is running on your server (ps -ef|grep sendmail). If not, edit /etc/rc.config.d/mailsvrs and make "export SENDMAIL_SERVER=1". Then edit /etc/mail/, search for "^DS" and apend the name of your exchange server. Your system must be able to resolve the name of the exchange server. If it is not in your DNS, edit /etc/hosts file add an entry for your exchange server's IP and it's name.

Start sendmail using /sbin/init.d/sendmail start. Make sure it works. You may have to configure your exchange server to receive and relay the mails from the unix system too.

If you have a centralized DNS server, you can take help from the DNS admin to configure MX records for your SMTP server so that you do not have to configure the sendmail on the local system.

Try sending mails like and see if you receive the mails.

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Joanne Keegan
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Re: Email configuration on HP-ux


In the directory /etc/mail you'll need to modify (it explains what you need to do in the comments). You'll also need to update the aliases file, and, the file.

You might also consider changing the default port that it listens on (for security reasons), and you'll need to update the configuration on your exchange server (Internet Mail Service).

Hope this helps.


Steve Post
Trusted Contributor

Re: Email configuration on HP-ux

There's a gotcha on this if the ip address of the mail server is different from the MX record in DNS.

The DS line of:
in /etc/ might fail if DNS does not resolve it properly.
If you run "nslookup -querytype=MX", and lookup, you will see the ip address of Perhaps the ip address listed isn't right from where this box is located,...but it valid everywhere else?

When would this happen? When the box is behind a firewall that remaps the ip address.

How do you get around it?
Update /etc/hosts to add an entry for
Update /etc/nsswitch.conf to look at files before dns.
Change the DS line to be:
The square brackets will tell sendmail to NOT use the MX record of, and instead use the ip address of (that is in your hosts file).