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2 ques.

1) How do we enable core dump in RHEL AS 4 update 4.
does any one have a simple procedure for that.

2)We have 4 luns presented from eva3k to rhel 4.4, problem is whenever we restart the server we have are not able to see the luns and we had to do probe-luns -a.
we installed the latest qlogic drivers and still the problem persists and we not able to use probe-luns.
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Enable

1) Use diskdump

2) Enable probe-luns:

# cd /opt/hp/hp_fibreutils/pbl
# ./ -i
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Re: Enable

Ivan talked about crashdumps, i.e. when the entire machine crashes, the system can store some information that can be used to determine the cause of the crash.

Core dumps, on the other hand, happen when an individual process crashes, often because of a programming error. In Linux, the core dumps are disabled by default (the "coredumpsize" ulimit value is 0). To enable core dumps, just use the command "ulimit -c unlimited" before running the program that is desired to dump core on error. Normally any user can do this for his/her own processes: no root permissions required.