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Error 126

Burhan Koni

Error 126

I have HP9000(rp5430) HP-UX 11i OS
I installed Oracle application 11.5.8 successfully. now I tried to install the new release 11.5.9 after removing the old installation. I get an error during the installation of the first CD. the message is:

Error Code received when running External process.check log for details. Running Database Install Driver for OA11i Instance

when checking the log file I found this error:

Cannot execute Install for database ORACLE_HOME

Error - script has returned an error: 126

attached is the log file

Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Error 126

Hi Burhan,

the first thing, that catches my eyes is this:
Invalid target file name in driver file: /admin/out

Is there a file you have to edit before installation or you have to set certain environment variables? I found something similar for AIX on metalink, which I attach. Perhaps it has some similarities.