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Error after QPK1100_11 and kernel rebuild

Ian Dennison_1
Honored Contributor

Error after QPK1100_11 and kernel rebuild

Bumped up the kernel parameters (shmmax, msgmap, msgmnb, msgtql, etc) on a L1000, rebooted then installed HW Enabled Patches and Quality Pak Mar 2002.

Now get errors with Oracle svrmgrl stating 'Warning: Entry/Exit code is optimized. Cannot restore context (UNWIND 22)'.

Anyone encountered this and know how to correct it before I have to re-ignite the Server?

Thanks, ian
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Ian Dennison_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Error after QPK1100_11 and kernel rebuild

After rebuilding the kernel a few more times, I reduced shmmax from 0x0400000000 to 0x040000000 (from 8 zeros to 7 zeroes).

This appears to have worked on HP-UX 11.00.

Emergency over. Cheers, Ian
Building a dumber user
Judy Traynor
Valued Contributor

Re: Error after QPK1100_11 and kernel rebuild

Check the version of your software distributor patch on that bundle - this is not related to your problem, - But I rolled out the Dec 2001 and the swdist pkg was bad, resulting in installed patchsets mismatching what was in the kernel.

The bad patch was phco_25875.
The system will run, and I actually didn't notice the problem for a month or so.
(This only a precaution)
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Andreas D. Skjervold
Honored Contributor

Re: Error after QPK1100_11 and kernel rebuild


According to Oracle this is just a warning and can be neglected:

Excerpt from Metalink:
(UNWIND 22) - what does it mean?
fact: Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition


Unwinding is the process of tracing backward through a process stack.
Unwinding is done for example for getting stack trace of the process.
The reason for doing this is Oracle error - ORA-600 and/or ORA-7445.
Warning is a side effect - it means that certain function
put some argument in machine's register for fastest execution (optimization)
and this register was supposed not to be changed during execution.
It results from programming style or compiler setup and can be neglected.

The fix is valid for all Unix platforms.


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