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Error at create SRD with Integrity Virtual Machine / Blades

Occasional Contributor

Error at create SRD with Integrity Virtual Machine / Blades

Hi, guys


I'm having problems to create SRD with Integrity Virtual Machine / Blades, 



On Shared Resource Domain,

  1. create, Shared Resource Domain.
  2. Select the hosts (Integrity BL860c i2)
  3. next

and.... error:



Unable to build a single shared resource domain from the set of specified hosts:

One or more of the selected partitions do not have a way to share CPU resources.


What is the problem?


I want that the Virtual Machines can relocated within SRD based on the 4 Blades.


SO: HP-UX 11.31 (QPKBASE B.11.31.1209)

VSEMgmt               A.  HP Insight Dynamics - VSE Suite for Integrity

gWLM-CMS              A.