Error installing PSP

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Jim Serio
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Error installing PSP

I am trying to install the new PSP on a Proliant ML370 G3. I DO NOT have X installed nor do I have libgtk installed, which, according to the release notes for PSP, is only required for a graphical installation. However, when I try ./install --nui I get the following error:

[root@raptor bp]# ./
./hppldu: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I prefer NOT to install gtk since it is dependant on other libraries I would need to install. Is there any way to install the PSP without this?

Also, the PSP just seems to be a bundle of all of the individual software. I already have the latest 5302 drivers installed and I have an older version of hpasm. Will this bypass any software that are of the same version? Should I uninstall hpasm first?

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Error installing PSP

Example: If you want to run Oracle on your box, you have two choices.

1) You can install and congigure X and run the install.

2) You can run font server on the server and install with hummingird or Xceed.

Your error message seems pretty clear to me. You need the gtk tools, version 1.2 installed and working, even if you rip them out after install.

I recommend against that, if the product can be relinked, and might need to be relinked you'd best have the software installed to do that.

Summary: read the installation guide and follow it strictly. Leave any tools installed that may be needed for smooth operation of the software.

Steven E Protter
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Michael Garner_1
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Re: Error installing PSP

To answer your question...Yes, the new PSP requires GTK to run. However, you can run it from a remote Linux system. You will need to copy the files to the server where you want to deploy it, but just shell in and run the software remotely.

I am looking at changing the PSP deployment utility to not require gtk for --nui installs, but it will be a couple of releases before it gets implemented. Sorry about that.

Now to your other questions...

If the driver is the latest, the PSP will not re-install it unless you direct it to. In a --nui install, the default is not to install over a current version. However, if received your version of the 5302 driver as part of a kernel update, the PSP will update the driver. The reason for this is that the version checked into the Linux distributions is always an odd version (ie v2.4.43), while the version included in the PSP is an even version (2.4.44). These are supposed to be functionally equivalent, but since I can't always guarantee that what was sent to the vendors matches, the PSP will install the newer version.

On the hpasm driver, the PSP will uninstall all the files that are dependent on hpasm if it is an older version, then reinstall hpasm and the files that it removed. You do not have to uninstall hpasm first.

You are correct in your statement about the Linux PSP being a bundle of all the individual software. The PSP, by design, is supposed to be a bundle of the latest HP server software. It allows you to get all drivers in one place. It also provides a deployment utility that takes all the manual steps of building drivers, checking whether the driver is supported on a given errata kernel, verification that the hardware is actually supported by the driver, and other checks into account. This means that the Linux PSP deployment utility will prevent an installation of a driver/utility that would not work in your given environment.

Michael Garner
HP Linux PSP Developer
Jim Serio
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Re: Error installing PSP


Thank you for your informative reply. Since I prefer nopt to install gtk and its dependancies, I'll continue to manually install each of the drivers I need. I find this to be more helpful when tracking down configuration issues, such as the one I had after installing both the 5302 driver and the net driver. By themselves, everything worked, together, I had no network access.

In regards to Stephen's reply, I did read the install doc and it clearly stated that "gtk is not needed for --noui install". I, and others I'd bet, take this to mean it is not needed for both the normal operation of PSP nor the install. I'd suggest you amend the install instructions to indicate this is not the case.

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