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Erroro with brbackup and Tivoli/ADSM

Roger Hotz
Occasional Contributor

Erroro with brbackup and Tivoli/ADSM

Hi all,

Is anybody familiar with this error I get everytime
brbackup tries to backup via adsm/tivoli.

BKI0065I: Tivoli Data Protection for SAP R/3 waited 1 sec. for BRBACKUP in util_file_online communication.
BKI0020I: End of backint program at: Fri Apr 6 17:18:03 2001.

BKI0022I: Average transmission rate was 0.000 GB/h (0.000 MB/sec).
BKI0021I: Elapsed time: 08 sec.
send_progress_msg(): Error in write_sock()

BR232E 0 of 2 files saved by backup utility
BR280I Time stamp 2001-04-06 17.18.51
BR231E Backup utility call failed
Never give up