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Errors on Oracle Upgrade

Omar Alvi_1
Super Advisor

Errors on Oracle Upgrade


A customer got the following error message on the screen when performing an upgrade for Oracle.

HEAP DUMP heap name="" desc 0x0
extent sz=0x0 alt=0 het=0 rec=0 flg=0 opc=0
parent=0 owner=0 nex=0 xsz=0x0

Recursive Heap Error : 17113 addr=0x0 ds=0
Bus Error (coredump)

Syslog did not have any relevant messages

Are these messages then related to the OS or the application? What action should be taken in this regard.

The upgrade was from Oracle ERP 11.0.3 version to Oracle 11.5.8

Performance seems fine, but will be put to the test later when the 200+ users login


Volker Borowski
Honored Contributor

Re: Errors on Oracle Upgrade

Hi Alvi,

this sounds JAVA related to me.
Check esp. the JAVA environment variable JAVA_HOME.

java -version

should work and show match version of $JAVA_HOME. If not, you might have two or more diffrent JAVA Versions mixed up.

Check for latest X-Windows Patches as well.
If you detect "dga_init" or "dga_initialize" somewhere in the dump-text, try to set

Hope this helps
Honored Contributor

Re: Errors on Oracle Upgrade

Hi Alci,

Increase the value of "maxdsize" parameter in the kernel and reboot.


maxdsiz maximum process data segment size (32-bit)
Minimum: 0x400000 (4 Mbytes)
Maximum: 0x7B03A000 (approx 2 Gbytes)
Default: 0x4000000 (64 Mbytes)


Hope this helps.

Omar Alvi_1
Super Advisor

Re: Errors on Oracle Upgrade

Hi, and thanks for your replies.

Sanjay, since the system is a customer's production system, could you kindly point to some document which details the steps to be taken, along with the effect they will have.



Honored Contributor

Re: Errors on Oracle Upgrade

This problem would appear to be associated with bug 2493462: ERRORS IN EXPORT 17113 AND CORE DUMP (base bug 2298968). There is a fix available that you can apply to which you can download via the PATCHES menu:

Patch Number => 2298968
Platform => HP 9000 Series HP-UX 64bit
Omar Alvi_1
Super Advisor

Re: Errors on Oracle Upgrade


Thanks for your responses.

Now, since the error messages appeared on the console, users have accessed the system for the first time, and the customer is complaining of degraded performance.

I have some glance screenshots from the system. I'll post the details later.

What should be the actions taken?