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Exact Envizex II specs

Ton Dekker
Occasional Contributor

Exact Envizex II specs

Hi, I got hold on a few Envizex II stations.

I would like to know some things.

Type of processor (including Mhz)
Amount of Ram (standard)

And is there an option to add a harddrive to it (scsi or ide).
Alex Glennie
Honored Contributor

Re: Exact Envizex II specs

Processor : NEC R4300 - Clock frequency 66.7 MHz (133 MHz internal) .

Base Ram : 8 mb + 2 additional DIMM slots = max 96 Mb. (takes 4,8,16, & 32 Mbyte mem modules)

not that I'm aware
John Bolene
Honored Contributor

Re: Exact Envizex II specs

Those are nice X-terminals, I don't have a clue why HP quit making them.

You can add a floppy drive, but not a hard drive.

You will want to add at least another 8 meg of memory if you are loading a few fonts or local apps.

Check this link for part numbers

It is always a good day when you are launching rockets!, Mostly Missiles