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Exporting Display Of HP-UX Server to RHEL-4.0 w/s

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Exporting Display Of HP-UX Server to RHEL-4.0 w/s

Hi all,
I've a HP Brio workstation from which I telnet to a HP-UX 11.0 server.From there I Export DISPLAY to my m/c, it was running properly with workstation installed with RHEL/WS-3.0 but now I have upgraded to RHEL/WS-4.0.... and now i'm not getting any kind of DISPLAY.....the commands given on Linux workstation are as follows...:
#xhost +(IP address of HP-UX server)
(Now i telnet to Unix m/c)
on that m/c:
$export DISPLAY

After this i was getting display on WS-3.0
but not on WS-4.0....
is there any DISPLAY settings are to made on UNIX m/c or to configure WS-4.0 for DISPLAY.....
Please guide me to resolve this issue.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Exporting Display Of HP-UX Server to RHEL-4.0 w/s


Your gdm.conf file was overwritten when you upgraded to WS 4.0.

You need to make sure DISPLAY is exported and the gdm.conf file permits the data transfer.

The key statement as I recall is:


You may need other parts of the gdm.conf file from the WS 3.0 system.

Perhaps you can restore the gdm.conf file from backup to a new location and do a diff

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Mike Stroyan
Honored Contributor

Re: Exporting Display Of HP-UX Server to RHEL-4.0 w/s

Check /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf for a line that reads

You will need to comment that out or change it to

The default will not listen to connections on TCP sockets. Local programs connect using Unix domain sockets. You can also change that setting by running gdmsetup and using a toggle box under the "Security" tab.

Re: Exporting Display Of HP-UX Server to RHEL-4.0 w/s

Thanks Mr.Stroyan. I was able to solve the issue by editing the gdm.conf file.