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Extend volume size

Occasional Contributor

Extend volume size

Dear All,

O/S : HP-UX 11.31

We have two servers which are in cluster and sharing the disk space from EVA as follws

/dev/vg02/lvol5 /oracle/PRD
/dev/vg02/lvol6 /oracle/PRD/data1
/dev/vg02/lvol7 /oracle/PRD/data2
/dev/vg02/lvol8 /oracle/PRD/data3
/dev/vg02/lvol9 /oracle/PRD/data4

Now I want to extend the size "/oracle/PRD" from 10gb to 20 gb.

I am new to HP-UX so how to do it please share your experience.

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Extend volume size


Create a new 20 GB partition on the EVA and present it to the system.

Copy all data from /dev/vg02/lvol5 to the new partition.

Partition expansion is supported but its such a pain, this way is better.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Ivan Krastev
Honored Contributor

Re: Extend volume size

Hi Nirav,

First check for free space in vg02:

#vgdisplay vg02

and if you have just increase the size of the logical volume (lvol5).

How the data are shared between servers? Is that a cluster volume group?

Ganesan R
Honored Contributor

Re: Extend volume size


Check if you have free space of 10GB in the volume group VG02.
Use # vgdisplay vg02 command to see the free space.

Free PE * PE size = Free space in MB

If you have enough space and online jfs product is installed you can extend it on the fly. No downtime or cluster modifications are required.
Best wishes,

Honored Contributor

Re: Extend volume size

would you post output of the following commands:
# bdf
# vgdisplay -v /dev/vg02
Slawomir Gora
Honored Contributor

Re: Extend volume size


if you don't have free space in vg02 you can:

1. Extend LUN on EVA
2. use vgmodify command to change vg02 parameters like (-p -e ) - deactivation of vg02 will be required.
In cluster environment you need to change cluster flag for vg02 before applaying new parameters to vg02

3. extend lv size (lvextend command)
4. extend file system (fsadm or extendfs command)

Usefull documentation you can find here:


Re: Extend volume size

Sorry for late reply.

- Two servers A and B are in cluster environment and shatring this volume which is required to resize

Before move ahead, Please find following details. I have also attach attachment related to command output.

I request you please guide me for the same

from output

Free PE * PE size = Free space in MB = 13568

I want to extend follwing filesystem from 2gb to 10 gb.

/dev/vg02/lvol5 -- /oracle/PRD

I also have free space on EVA.