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FAO: David poyner

Alex Glennie
Honored Contributor

FAO: David poyner


OK there are a number of known issues that might be causing this my advise is to
try the following :

1. Ensure the latest 11.11 Core PM,vPar,Psets Cummulative patch is installed :
PHKL_25389 or PHKL_24551 as these resolve the following problems :

"Load averages reported by top, uptime are overall higher in 11.11 than they
were in earlier releases" a quick swlist -l fileset | grep PHKL will show if
the patch needs to be installed.

2. Next I have to suggest the following : Do you use DMI ?

fyi : from ...

DMI = Desktop Management Interface...

"operates between your management software and your system's components. The DMI
standard gives technical support personnel, IT managers, and individual users a
common path to access information about all aspects of a computer system."

SCR+DMI for HP-UX combines an underlying management infrastructure provided by
the Desktop Management Interface (DMI) with commands and a Graphical User
Interface (when used with Servicecontrol Manager ) provided by
the System Configuration Repository"...
"Easily take a snapshot of the system status at any time and compare that
snapshot with an earlier one, from the same system or a different one."...
"You can easily and efficiently gather, store, and retrieve information about
any node in your system that is managed by DMI."

If not disable it from running by editing /etc/rc.config.d/Dmiconfig and changing the variable START_DMI to be equal to 0.

If you do use the DMI and don't want to turn it off then please answer
the following:

In the call you say its using 50-108 % of the CPU can you tell me at what
stage it starts using it?

From first boot onwards, after several hours,randomly?

Which processes are using the CPU (dmisp, swci, ??)?

Are there any errors logged into the files in /var/dmi/log?

run swlist -a revision DMI ?
I'd also like to see swlist -l fileset output with reference to dce so a
swlist -l fileset | grep -i dce would also be of use.

Confirm if you have made any attempts to configure DMI at all on the system ?

Send me in the core file, again I'm dubious as to what we will see from it.