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Re: / FS full

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/ FS full

Hi All,


I have a Unix box, in which / is 10GB of size. Now available space in / is only 1GB.


I want to install one software in the /opt, which will consume almost 1Gb of space. I cant change the path of installation.


How can I achieve this as my / is almost full.


Please suggest.

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Re: / FS full

/opt is usually in another LVOL, not in /



# bdf




# vgdisplay -v vg00


will show.

Hope this helps!

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Re: / FS full

With "Unix box", do you mean HP-UX?


In HP-UX, installing all the standard system directories like /opt to the / filesystem is a bad idea. Because of (mainly) bootloader requirements, the first 3 LVs of vg00 (which must always be /stand, primary swap, and the /, in this order) are much more difficult to extend than any other LVs in vg00. By default, / is very small in HP-UX, because it contains only the essential system directories and everything else is mounted on separate filesystems: your 10 GB is much larger than normal.


You may have to take a complete Ignite backup of your vg00, shutdown your system and then restore from the Ignite backup, specifying a different configuration for vg00 before initiating restore. This will allow you to make /opt into a separate logical volume of required size, which can be extended easily if you need to extend it again later.


If you have OnlineJFS, a separate /opt filesystem can be extended any time while the applications are running; if you don't have OnlineJFS, you'll only need to boot to single-user mode to extend a separate /opt filesystem.


If you have OnlineJFS and MirrorDisk and your vg00 is currently mirrored, it may be possible to extend / while the system is running, but the procedure will be fairly complex, will require temporarily removing the mirroring, and will depend on your current vg00 configuration. Making an Ignite backup and restoring with a modified vg00 configuration is easier and always do-able.

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Re: / FS full

>I can't change the path of installation.


You might be able to symlink /opt/foo-bar to some other filesystem before you install?

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Re: / FS full

/opt is not a separate mount point.That is the problem here.


Now I cant install that software in /opt as it will consume almost 1Gb of space which is not available in /.


Is there any other way to resolve this is  my query.

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Re: / FS full

>Is there any other way to resolve this?


Have you tried my symlink suggestion?

If that doesn't fool swinstall, you may do that with some existing /opt software.

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Re: / FS full

Have you considered checking the various directories in '/', that are NOT separate mount points, and see if anything can be cleaned up?  Is /var also in the '/' filesystem?  If so, you may need to check log files and see if they are large.  You can also check patches and see if they can be committed via the 'cleanup' command.

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Re: / FS full

It is difficult to offer suggestions without more details, specifically, what does bdf report?

Additionally, the following commnd will find the largest directories:


du -kx / | sort -rn | head -30


As mentioned, a very large root (/) filesystem is unusual and as you are seeing, difficult to manage.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin