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Michael Williams_6
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FTP Advice

Hello again!!

I'd like to open up FTP on a Linux system (against my wishes, but hey). I'd like the following objectives to be met:

Only 6 out of 150 NIS users are to be allowed in.
The when logged in, the / directory must be a specified location on the system.
I'd like to use something that comes with the system.

I've had a look at the vsftpd man-page, and while I can specify the users who login, the chroot commands appear to be restricted to the users' home directory, where I do not want the chroot to be.

Does anyone know if I can specifiy the chroot location? Or are there any better ftp daemons for my request? If I can find one that doesn't use inetd, then that's a bonus!

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Re: FTP Advice

Hi there,

maybe it is better to use a ftpuser
with the homedir set to "/"
In use with sftp which comes with ssh you can control access via known-host-keys


David Child_1
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Re: FTP Advice

Check if you have WU-FTPD installed on the system. If so check into using the ftpaccess file. You can specify which logins, where they can upload to, download to, ownership/permissions of files once they are uploaded, etc.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: FTP Advice

vsfptd has its own deamon, being removed from the inetd or xinetd daemon.

All of the configuration you need to do is within its own conf file.

vsfptd is what red hat acutally uses and it scales up quite nicely.

See these documents for more information:



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Manuel Wolfshant
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Re: FTP Advice

Looks to me that you want to have one home dir for the users when they login by standard methods, but a root dir different of the homedir if they login by ftp.
If this indeed your situation, than you should not use real system users, but virtual ftp users, which could of course have different settings. Or in other words, just use a different passwd file for ftp authentication then for system auth.

Alternate ftp servers which are powerfull, secure and configurable , able to run standalone: pure-ftpd and proftpd. By all means, avoid wu-ftpd. It's surname is 'providing root since 1988'. Guess why.
Michael Williams_6
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Re: FTP Advice

Oh well, I'd like to use wu-ftpd, but it's too much hassle going through change control procedures!

I ended up using vsftpd with a generic ftp user to achieve what I required.

Thanks for you help guys!
Michael Williams_6
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Re: FTP Advice