FTP and telnet services on RedHat

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FTP and telnet services on RedHat

Hi all,

I want to know how to start the ftp and telnet services on RedHat.


Martin P.J. Zinser
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Re: FTP and telnet services on RedHat

Hello Wendy,

have a look at

This describes the steps to <> telnet, but if you read the document is should be obvious how to apply the information to enable it too;-)

Greetings, Martin
Stuart Browne
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Re: FTP and telnet services on RedHat

The ease of commands depends on what distribution and version you are using.

For example, in RH7.1 and above, the following command is good for enabling the 'telnet' service (assuming the appropriate software is installed):

chkconfig telnet on

For RH 7.1 to RH 8, using:

chkconfig wu-ftpd on

would turn FTP on, but on RH8 you could use an alternate command, the same that is used on RH9:

service vsftpd start
chkconfig vsftpd on

As in RH8 & 9, the preferred FTP daemon is not the xinetd launced 'wu-ftpd', but the init launched 'vsftpd'.

That being said, if you're using a non RH distribution, none of these command will do you any good.

Martin pointed you to an info page on 'xinetd', which is very good (please note, it has instructions for 'tftp', a different protocol than plain 'ftp'), and houls be able to get you by on any system which is designed around the /etc/xinetd.d/ type of systems.

Some systems however just use a flat '/etc/xinetd.conf', but the same concepts apply.

If you're using an older 'inetd' system (as against 'xinetd', then you'll want to look at just '/etc/inetd.conf'.


Oh, too much info.. If none of these help, you'll need to give us a bit more detail about what distribution you are using.
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Manoj Kumar A

Re: FTP and telnet services on RedHat

To start the telnet and ftp demon:

for telnet:
#/etc/init.d/telnetd start

for ftp:
#/etc/init.d/vsftpd start

to always auto-start the telnet and ftp demon during the booting:

for telnet:
#chkconfig telnet on

for ftp:
#chkconfig ftp on

Kind Regards,
Manoj Kumar A