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FailOver test running Informix

Regular Advisor

FailOver test running Informix

We have one N4000 server connected to two brocade silkworm switches both going to one VA7400 SAN with two controllers all fibre connected. We have been doing fail over tests with this set up to see if we loose one controller or a brocade switch connected to the VA7400 it, should, go over to the alternate path. If we do a vgdisplay -v /dev/vgx the screen does show an alternate path, and the correct one, but the system still does not fail over. Our database crashes.
We only run Informix Database ver 7.3 on this system. We have altered the pvtime out settings going from 30 to 180 seconds and many inbetween but with no success.
Does anyone have a thought on this??
Ross Hanson
hari jayaram_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: FailOver test running Informix


I posted a reply with regard to this problem a couple of days ago. Looks like it has not resolved the issue. Could you please advice if you are getting any kind of informix or HP error messages.

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Re: FailOver test running Informix

The only messages we are receiving are from the informix database engine saying there is a problem or informix has crashed. We then perform onchecks to fix any table/chunks that might have occured.
Ross Hanson
hari jayaram_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: FailOver test running Informix


If you have tried
1. Linkdown-tmo was set to 60 and no_device_delay was set to 30

2. Please find below a sample pv display on one of my systems showing various values. this is the one where I have 11.00 running and with alternate lnks.

--- Physical volumes ---
PV Name /dev/dsk/c4t8d0
PV Name /dev/dsk/c6t8d0 Alternate Link
VG Name /dev/infx2a
PV Status available
Allocatable yes
Cur LV 8
PE Size (Mbytes) 4
Total PE 2169
Free PE 57
Allocated PE 2112
Stale PE 0
IO Timeout (Seconds) default
Autoswitch Off

3. Please verify and check if you have the following patches installed

1. PHKL_30553
PHCO_18485.LVM-ENG-A-MAN configured
PHCO_18485.LVM-RUN configured
PHCO_18901.LVM-RUN configured
PHCO_21630.LVM-ENG-A-MAN configured
PHCO_21630.LVM-RUN configured
PHCO_24437.LVM-ENG-A-MAN configured
PHCO_24437.LVM-MIRROR-RUN configured
PHCO_24437.LVM-RUN configured
PHKL_15956.LVM-KRN configured
PHKL_16433.LVM-KRN configured
PHKL_18542.LVM-KRN configured
PHKL_20419.LVM-KRN configured
PHKL_24268.LVM-KRN configured

4. Informix version 7.31 UC6

5. This might not matter but KAIO is on .

I have run out of suggestions and thoughts unless you can provide me any insight on the exact error message


Tim D Fulford
Honored Contributor

Re: FailOver test running Informix


1 - Informix 7.3 is not supported by Informix any more (unless you are a brightly coloured telco, in which case 7.31 is, I'm told, supported)

2 - What is DBSPACEDOWN set to (or is it ONDBSPACEDOWN)? During the failure of the brocade switch Informix will experience problems and may mark chunks as down.

3 - Make sure in the ServiceGuard you are activating the volumegroups with "vgchange -a e -q n"

4 - Failing the switch is NOT an equivalent test for a failed VA74xx controller. The VA74xx performance will be MUCH worse if the controller were to fail as opposed to a switch failing. Both tests will fail a path to the VA but a full controller failure will be far more sever performance wise.


Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: FailOver test running Informix

It looks like you have asked this same question several times. My advice is still the same. I think that you REALLY need to look at the AutoPath VA software. I have a feeling it will solve the problems that you are seeing.