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Failed to apply PHSS_18066 patch

Aftab Sadiq

Failed to apply PHSS_18066 patch

I am gettting following error when I apply patch PHSS_18066.

* Beginning Analysis Phase.
* Source: mars:/var/pkg/PHSS_18066.depot
* Target: mars:/
* Target logfile: mars:/var/adm/sw/swagent.log
* Reading source for product information.
* Reading source for file information.
NOTE: The fileset "PHSS_18066.C-AUX,r=1.0" is a "sparse" or "patch"
fileset which may only be installed upon a previously
installed base fileset. The specification for the required
base fileset is "C-Dev-Tools.C-AUX,fr=B.11.00,v=HP". Since
there is no fileset on the target or selected from the source
which matches this specification, fileset
"PHSS_18066.C-AUX,r=1.0" will be excluded.
* Executing preDSA command.

* Summary of Analysis Phase:
* 1 of 1 filesets will be Skipped.
* The Analysis Phase succeeded.

Before applying that patch I have installed HP C/ANSI C Dev Bundle. Is that patch has been replaced by some other patch or any dependency? Please help me.


Aftab Sadiq
Tim Malnati
Honored Contributor

Re: Failed to apply PHSS_18066 patch

Do an 'swlist -a state -l fileset | grep C-Dev-Tools' to see if the C-AUX fileset is installed. It's possible that the C package was installed without this subset for some reason. If it's missing and you choose to install it, be sure to research other patches that may impact this subset before you apply the latest patch.
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Failed to apply PHSS_18066 patch


Make sure that you really installed/configured the entity. Do:

# swlist -a state -l fileset|grep -i "C-Dev-Tools" |more

You want to see the components reported as "configured".

Antoanetta Naghiu
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Failed to apply PHSS_18066 patch

You need to have installed the C preprocessor to be able to install the patch in top of.
Install first C-Dev_Tools and after that the patch.
Aftab Sadiq

Re: Failed to apply PHSS_18066 patch

I have got following output after running swlist -a state -l fileset |grep C-Dev-Tools

# C-Dev-Tools
C-Dev-Tools.C-AUX configured
C-Dev-Tools.C-AUX-MAN configured

It seems "C-Dev-Tools.C-AUX" fileset is installled and configured.
Antoanetta Naghiu
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Failed to apply PHSS_18066 patch

Check the patch description. Does it have any dependencies? Are you using the correct patch for your os version? That version of C-Dev-Tool do you have installed? It is strange
Vince Inman
Frequent Advisor

Re: Failed to apply PHSS_18066 patch

You do not have the C-Aux fileset installed.
Install that fileset and then re-install the patch.