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Failure of RPC request

Tonya Fernandez
Occasional Contributor

Failure of RPC request

We are installing HP-UX 10.20 on an HP 935 system. We have had problems using swinstall to install software, and at times after installation SAM does not operate due patches being installed and not configured. At times swinstall fails loading JetAdmin and Gear. Below is an example of our swagend log file after a patch installation failure. The software and patches are local on cdrom.

WARNING: Failure registering as Remote Procedure Call server using
protocol sequence "ncacn_ip_tcp" with endpoint "2121". No addresses (dce / rpc)
* Started configure agent on "/" for root@msip26, pid=392,
01/24/01 10:53:52 EST
Agent pid=392 completed. 01/24/01 10:54:14 EST
* Started install agent on "/" for root@msip26, pid=484,01/24/01 10:54:15 EST
ERROR: Failed to start source agent on
"/cdrom/hpux/patches/XSW700GR1020" for root@msip26.
"/cdrom/hpux/patches/XSW700GR1020" is not a valid depot.
01/24/01 10:54:16 EST
* Agent pid=484 completed. 01/24/01 10:54:17 EST
Started install agent on "/" for root@msip26, pid=488,01/24/01 10:54:18 EST

Ajay Sishodia
Frequent Advisor

Re: Failure of RPC request

On the system do this command
#swlist -l fileset -a state | grep PH | more

All patches should show up as "configured" - if patches are found in the "installed" state: manually configure the patch by issuing the swconfig patch command.

P.S while doing swisntall did you select the "match what target has" option to mark the patches required
Alex Glennie
Honored Contributor

Re: Failure of RPC request

A few things to try to stop swinstall failing :

The following paramaters need to be used with swinstall to fix the rpc warning
when using swinstall in a slow/busy network.......

1. retry_rpc=1

Defines the number of times a lost source connection
will be retried during file transfers in swinstall or
swcopy. A lost connection is one that has timed out.
When used in conjunction with the rpc_timeout option,
the success of installing over slow or busy networks
can be increased. If set to zero, then any rpc_timeout
to the source will cause the task to abort. If set
from 1 to 9, then the install of each fileset will be
attempted that number of times. The reinstall_files
option should also be set to false to avoid installing
files within the fileset that were successfully

2. rpc_timeout=7

Relative length of the communications timeout. This is
a value in the range from 0 to 9 and is interpreted by
the DCE RPC. Higher values mean longer times; you may
need a higher value for a slow or busy network. Lower
values will give faster recognition on attempts to
contact hosts that are not up, or are not running the
swagentd. Each value is approximately twice as long as
the preceding value. A value of 5 is about 30 seconds
for ncadg_ip_udp.

Both parameters are used when slow/busy network exists.

Also : add line "nni 1" to the /stand/system file and regen the kernel if its not there ?