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Fan speeds on Proliant 5500

Dan Halpin
New Member

Fan speeds on Proliant 5500

I have recently been handed a Proliant 5500R to configure with a (free) flavour of linux.

I have installed Gentoo (my personal favourite flavour) It is up and running like a dream. However I do have a couple of questions.

1) Is the fan speed adjustable on the 5500? At the moment the fans a VERY loud.

2) I get the impression that hpasm can alter the fan speeds on some proliants but haven't been able to check that the 5500 is one of them. Ive had a quick look at installing it but I haven't seen a version for gentoo. I think that I have seen a reference to a source version of it but it was for a 2.4 kernel. We are running a 2.6 kernel. If hpasm will not run on a 2.6 we can run with 2.4 but would prefer not to. If hpasm can be made to run on gentoo are there any simple to follow instructions anywhere?

Thanks for this. Only just joined these forums and like what I have seen sofar.