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Fatal Nums Error

chris midgley
Occasional Visitor

Fatal Nums Error

I'm attempting to use GlancePlus for the first time on our D330 (HP-UX 10.2) and after a few seconds it crashes with Fatal Nums Error, Counters not being updated, midaemon was killed. I'm sure that GlancePlus should initiate the midaemon automatically but just in case I've tried starting the midaemon directly from the system console first. This doesn't seem to work either. This is very unfamiliar territory to me. Attached is glance.txt which show the failure message and associated error log. Any help would be much appreciated.
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Fatal Nums Error

Therte are several possibilities:

Check to see if there are any pending kernel changes, because this error may be due to a kernel (vmunix) that was created but reboot was deferred. A similar error will occur with ipcs (no output).

Check /opt/perf/bin for ownerships, all should be root except formwa.remove.

Finally, make sure your patches are up to date. The Support Plus CDROM has all the Quality patches you need. Glance and midaemon can have problems with unpatched LVM, JFS, pstat and other libraries...and of course, Glance and midaemon should be the latest versions.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Madhu Sudhan_1
Respected Contributor

Re: Fatal Nums Error

Looking for attachment..........
not found.
Attach the errorlog file, to get a better picture.

Yeah ! You are right ! midaemon should be started by gpm. Incase if gpm has trouble in starting midaemon, login as a root and start
/opt/perf/bin/midaemon -p so that midaemon don't exit on exiting the glance plus.
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