Re: Fedora Core 12 on Proliant DL760 G1

John Rowan_2
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Fedora Core 12 on Proliant DL760 G1

I've been running CentOS Linux for years on my Proliants. I'm trying to find another distribution to see if I can resolve a problem I have with a particular package. That package runs on Red Hat 9 but I can't get it to run on CentOS 4 or 5. I tried installing Fedora Core 12 (FC12) but it doesn't have a driver for the Smart RAID controller. I posted to the Fedora Project but it appears no one has FC12 running on Proliants or they haven't read the forum post.

Does anyone know where I can download a driver I can put on diskette so when FC12 asks I can install via the diskette drive? If you suggest something in an RPM package please provide instructions for how to get the driver out of the RPM so it can be put on diskette. I don't think the FC12 install will look in an RPM for drivers.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Fedora Core 12 on Proliant DL760 G1


FC12 is not designed for this hardware.

Your best bet is to get driver source is available and compile it yourself.

I'm assuming you have tried the RHEL rpm's and they have failed.

Steven E Protter
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John Rowan_2
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Re: Fedora Core 12 on Proliant DL760 G1

I had downloaded the RHEL driver from HP's site but it's an RPM. I put that on a diskette but FC12 said no drivers were found when I told it to look at /dev/floppy for drivers. I went to the #fedora IRC and Southern_Gentleman suggested I download Fedora-Spin version of FC12. The "torrent" available is bringing that down but at 4 to 12 Kbps, 1 day into the download and I'm only 26% complete on bringing the ISO down.