Fedora Core 4

Robert Mercer
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Fedora Core 4

I would like to get a bare bones with Fedora Core 4 and a DVD-RW +(Plus system) dual layer and another DVD-ROM, at lease 1 GB memory and a large Hard Disk 600Gb........what do you havr?????

Robert Mercer
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Fedora Core 4

Suggestion 1: ebay, if you are looking for hardware.

Suggestion 2: Don't post email addresses here, this site is indexed and it attracts spam.

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Rick Garland
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Re: Fedora Core 4

www.hp.com will get you started. Find the sales link from there.

If you like Dell hardware, order from them.

If you want it now and are willing to spend the money, go to your local computer retail store and buy off the shelf.

Andrew Cowan
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Re: Fedora Core 4


Before you buy a system for Linux try to do a little bit of research regarding what is in the box. Some devices such as a Promise RAID Array may only have proprietry (Binary only) drivers, and this can make installing and upgrqading Linux very difficult.

Try searching the web for advice about the cards/devices that do and don't work with Linux, and shun the manufacturers that don't provide any kind of Linux support.